Fishing Report 2010 #5



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    This outing was cancelled. Read on as Andy Malovos discusses the reason for the cancellation and the season in general. “Channel Islands Annual Trip and Cold Water"
by Andy Malovos


As I was packing my tackle bag on Tuesday, July 27, I received a telephone call from Skipper John Fuqua of the SEA JAY. John was on his boat checking the usual spots near Anacapa Island that in past years have provided us battling Calico Bass, Barracuda and White Sea Bass for club members. Because of bad weather conditions and lack of biting fish, John didn’t want to take our money, and recommended we cancel our trip of July 28/29. The water was a cold 59 degrees, and the wind was blowing. We cancelled and The Saltwater Flyrodders Pacific #1from Southern California also cancelled their trip with John of July 27/28 for the same reasons. What about these conditions? As a saltwater club outings leader, you haven’t heard my call to head for the beach and a hot perch bite this year. In January, the day before a storm, I got lucky and caught fish up at Cambria’s Santa Rosa Creek Beach. After that ocean conditions were dominated by incessant winds and 52 – 55 degree choppy water. No fish, few fishermen. However, the Barred Surf Perch’s favorite food �������� sand crabs ����� were present on the beaches.
We had a couple of days in June when the water temperature rose to 60 degrees and the perch bit. Down went the temperature and there went the fish. I checked with Bernard Pieters our club halibut fishing leader. Bernard said it had been a ‘very mysterious year’ with very few halibut caught by fly fishermen and conventional fishermen in the Avila Beach area. Two ‘short’ halibut (less then 22 inches) were caught during the fishout on the club BBQ day in July. Bernard also said of the few fish he had caught many were between 22 – 25 inches legal size legal size for possession.
I traveled to Oceanside in Southern California over the 4th of July and fly fished the surf with President Mike Forrest of the Salt Water Fly Rodders. We fished hard for a total of 2 Barred Surf Perch each about 6 inches long. Weather was identical to SLO County – water temperature was a very low 58 degrees. Last week I got a phone call from Russ Hampton of the Salt Water Fly Rodders returning from a Gary Bulla Panga trip in Mexico. Russ mentioned that the Loreto area where I caught Dorado last year, had a cold water condition and the fish were not there. Hmmmm...Computer check revealed that a ‘La Nina’ condition for the Pacific Ocean would be in effect for July – August 2010. ‘La Nina’ conditions are described as a cold weather disruption in the Tropical Pacific having important consequences for weather and climate around the globe. The sea surface temperature would continue to decrease across the Equatorial Pacific Ocean. (Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin. {NOAA}) HOPE: Bernard said that he caught a large number of smelt over at Avila Beach. They are great fun and fight like small Bonita. So grab your favorite setup with intermediate line and perch flies or small clousers – green/white in color, size #6 or so and give it a try. I will let you know where they are!
Andy Malovos