Cedros Island Fisting Trip


July 9th - 13th (Fully Booked) and October 15th - 19th (Spots Available)


Cedros Island Map


Cedros Island is not a new spot, as long range fishing boats have been targeting the area for years for large yellowtail, etc. But a new operations in the past 5 to 6 years has opened up the area to panga fishing with local pangeros. Folks are Picked up in San Ysidro,Calif (at border, park car in locked lot 7 bucks a day), Bussed to Ensenada Airport and fly directly to Cedros on a 14 passenger Cessna Grand Caravan and can generally fish a bit the first day barring flight delays. Rooms are booked by the company at a small hotel in the only town on Cedros with meals at the hotel (Zan-Mar) included in the trip price . Alcohol can be purchased but one must bring the green stuff or pesos as there are no atm’s or credit card transactions. This has been a catch your own bait and jig or swimbait fishery for conventional anglers and it has piqued the interest of fly anglers as well. I’m certain that the area has seen fly fishermen but the first So Cal group fly fishing trips are being organized by Fishermen’s Spot of Burbank. It should be similar to Catalina Fishing. In the 1940’s? Yellowtail are numerous but should create the usual challenges that nearshore yellowtail flyfishing everywhere poses… keeping fish out of the kelp/rocks/other cut-offs. Calico bass fishing is apparently like the good old days and it seems that most of these fish are being released, ensuring good calico fishing in the future here. You can google http://www.cedrosoutdooradventures.com/ and see videos of conventional fishing, etc. The outfit that Fishermen’s spot is working with is Cedros Island Adventures and I think they are fishing two anglers per panga. Because anglers will be driving into Mexico, they will need the new Mexican Visas, which can be purchased for $20.00 at customs when the van crosses the border ( takes 10 minutes… I’m told)

Steve Petit.

Tip: check out netknots.com. It has most of the usual knots and some I haven’t used like the J knot for tying class tippet to shock tippet and the Yucatan Knot

Contact the Fishermans Spot to book @ 818-785-7306