Fishing Report 2008 #4



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Mike Forrest, Ron Tatsui, Dan Barber, Steve Petit and non club member Jim Negel were treated to another great two day trip on the Reward.  The tariff was steep due to the ever increasing fuel costs ( 900 per soul), but all felt it was well worth it by the completion of the trip.  We left at 9 PM Friday night and steamed south to the inside banks.  We awoke to some rough weather but found a kelp at 0630 that was loaded with firecracker yellows.  All members managed a yellowtail or two on the fly.  We then trolled south scratching out two Dorado and a smattering of skipjack on the troll.  We caught one 24 lb albacore on a trolled fly ( 10 wt rd).  All catching was done on the troll as the weather made it hard to stand up much less cast.  We turned around about 1130 AM 20 miles short of our intended destination because of foul weather.  It was a good choice as we were able to get into calmer water before nightfall.  The next AM we awoke in calm water.  The crew had caught about 20 big Calimari while on the sea anchor but no game fish.  We started trolling and caught 8 small albacore on feathers and trolled flies.  We also got tow more Dorado trolling past a kelp.  Then the fun began.  We found the Spinner Dolphin and after considerable work stopped on a fish meter mark and got two hookups ( trolled feather, trolled fly).  Once the boat was stopped cast bait got immediate takes and two were hooked on cast flies.  Yours truly lost his at the boat ( bit through the 20 lb tippet), Dan Landed his.  At this point there was a fly fishing rebellion of sorts as the fly rods were dropped in favor of bait sticks. Yours truly stuck to the game plan and ended up sticking 4 fish and landing 3 ( 25,25,29 lb).   The “hot” fly was a fuzzy; fiber fly chartreuse /dark green/peacock herl tied for calico bass that seemed to work well even after the eyes had been eaten off.   The boat ended up with 12 albacore to 24 lb ( most 5-10 lb), 4 Dorado, 8 yellowtail, 20 big yellowfin, and some good sized skipjack (8 or 9).