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Hey guys, seeing as I'm out on the water just about every weekend fishing, I thought maybe a fish report from down in my area would be interesting. I mostly launch out of Alamitos bay and fish "the wall" or head for Catalina Island. Dana Point and Mission Bay will be the hot spots when the water warms and it's time to go "Paddy hopping". Mostly I will be posting the conditions out on the water and how well the fish are biting in my area along with some pics.


  6/19/2012- Well, it looks like summer is finally here, been a slow winter with the fish being deep and hard to get at with the fly. The baracudas showed up in numbers over the weekend and were all over the fly with double hook ups and several times they were so thick it was a hook up every cast. The sand bass were starting to school up and were at 50ft last weekend.                ________________________________________

7/4/2011- Mike and I decided to go out again to see if we could get into them again. We left my house at 4am so we would have more time to hit the wall. The wall proved to be tougher this morning with none on the fly and only a few on plastics, nothing over 1.5lbs. Decided to go for the berries early as the wall wasn't producing and there was no fog. Did the same thing as Saturday but this time the current was ripping and the berries were deeper. We still got 8 to the boat and lost as many so not a bad day for sure. Next weekend is the club trip on the Seajay, see you there! 



7/2/2011- My Nephew, Bobby, and my cousin, Mike, who was out here from South Caralina this weekend, and I left my house at 5am, picked up bait and slowly cruised out to the wall. The fog had came in and visability was about 100 ft. Fishing plastics we caught 8 fish that were between 2.5lbs to 4lbs, not a bad start for sure. I broke out the fly rod in hopes of catching a big calico only to catch 2, 6 inches, was all I could do, and that was when you put them end to end.By 8am the fog was still thick so I fired up the radar, located the fleet and headed out for the berries. We picked a spot near some berries that were boiling and dropped anchor. For the next 3 hours we caught berry after berry, the fly rod was on fire with a small blue/white clouser, almost every cast I had a fish on. Total count, 16 to the boat with more lost than landed.


6/25/11 Saturday had us again going for the berries, this time I was ready with some blue/white clousers, toothy critters leader, and a game plan to get them to the boat, with my fly! (lost quite a few in the past weeks!). Headed out and did the usual stop at the wall for calicos and slammed them with the fly rod, non stop. Hated to leave biting fish but wanted another shot at the berries before they disappered. Found the fleet and there were plenty of fish going over the rails on the party boats! Fish on! Got my fly in the water and for the next 2 hours did not catch or hook one single baracuda! Matter of fact, no one on my boat caught one, just couldn't believe it! Must have been snake bit, or cuda bit!.




6/18/2011- Saturday morning I was once again going after the berries since they decided to hang around.This time with my son and a couple of his buddies. We hit the wall first thing for some calicos then headed out for the berries. The berries were scattered and down a bit  so made for a tougher time but we still managed to hook quite a few. I had my hands full tying hooks on so didn't get to fish that much but still got some on the fly .



6/11/2011 - Tom Agar and deckhand John Mizahara got to my house at 4am Saturday morning, loaded the boat and we were off. We picked up some bait for chum and hit the wall for some calicos and sandbass while we waited for the sport boats to get to the flats and start chumming for the Cudas. When we got to the flats around 8am the boats were so tightly packed that you could walk from boat to boat without getting wet, but the berries were there and biting. They were deep and scattered but we all hooked up on them and made for a fun few hours trying to get them to the boat before being chewed off or coming unhooked. The bite came to end around 11:30 so we made a move to go after calicos only to have the fleet follow us. After a few calicos and a real nice sandbass caught by John we made a couple of more stops for a few more calicos then called it a day. Al in all not a bad day on the water.


4/2/2011 - The calicos went on the chew this morning at gray light and were hitting the fly every cast, fishing slowed mid morning then went nuts early afternoon to top the day off.