Fishing Report 2010 #6



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After our club outing aboard the SEA JAY was cancelled in July, we were looking for successful trip to the Channel Islands. As I was packing my gear a few days before our trip to Oxnard, Mike Forrest called and told me to try and bring some small white flies sizes #2-#4. Seems they worked  against the yellowfin tuna on a recent club outing aboard the REWARD  I am glad I followed Mike's tip. Our group was composed of Erwin Goldblum, Rocky Tussey, Mike Forrest, new member Phil Peck, and yours truly Andy Malovos. 


Skipper John Fuqua got us over to the Westside of Santa Cruz Island early in the morning. 'Got some fish out here guys!" As I  walked toward the stern, I saw what was left of John. He was eating a bowl of oatmeal,  He had lost over 50 pounds, quit smoking  and looked 10 years younger. Remarkable! 


We casted out our little white flies and were immediately clobbered by an aggressive group of barracuda. Mike Forrest had the hot stick from the bow. Great fun! 10-15 fish were caught and released and several over 28" were kept for the dinner table.  The ""Barry Bite" quit at about 10AM, but we enjoyed a steady bite of small 10-15 Calicos and Spanish Mackerel on our small flies throughout the day. Catching and releasing about 50 fish. Fish were not large - in the 10" - 15" category, but really fought hard.. Skipper John noted that the water was a few degrees warmer. Very nice, calm weather. A good time was had by all. 


Don't close the book on club excursions this year with Skipper John and the SEA JAY. The unusual weather conditions might bring us some more good trips this year.


Mike tied flies on #2 and #4 hooks using white  bucktail and white saddle hackles. Erwin tied some with bucktail and brown saddle hackles. Both got instant attention from the fish.       

Andy Malovos